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The Bertoja winery was founded in 2003 and is located in the plain of the Tagliamento right inside of the  Friuli Grave DOC area, in San Lorenzo of Valvasone Arzene (Pn). We dedicate ourselves with care and passion for the cultivation and transformation of grapes, with full respect for the environment and the fruit, knowing that the highest quality of a product is to be sought at all stages of production, from the vineyard to the vinery.

In our small winery we carry out all phases of production. Careful pruning and constant control of the vineyard, combined with meticulous grape selection, advanced winemaking techniques and careful refinements, help us to create high-quality products in tune with the environment.

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“FRIULI GRAVE” DOC covers an area of ​​approximately 7,500 hectares close to the Tagliamento river, between the provinces of Pordenone and Udine. The high Friulian plain is characterized by a natural landscape of striking originality. This is an area formed by the flooding of the rivers Meduna, Cellina and Tagliamento that, over the millennia, have deposited huge quantities of dolomitic limestone torn from the mountains by the water and deposited along the riverbed downstream. The whole plain is formed by alluvial soil protected from the arc of the northern foothills. This setting, together with the beneficial effect of the Adriatic, has contributed to the creation of a microclimate which is highly suitable for the cultivation of the grapevine: the temperature range between day and night favours the ripening of herbs scented grapes and fragrant and elegant wines. © Cons. Tutela Vini DOC Friuli Grave